Care For Your Eyes Before They Stop Caring For You!

Healthy lifestyle is always spoken about in relation to your diet, exercise and habits. When we talk about a healthy body and mind how often do we speak about a healthy eyesight?

Everyone today is sporting prescription glasses, not just for fashion but to correct eye problems. Be it short-sightedness, long-sightedness or reading concerns; prescription glasses have seen a steady increase in consumers since the technology wave occurred.

The excessive use of mobile phones, laptops and even television is causing eye strain. Although some have taken to styling their eyes with non-prescription glasses to reduce the direct pressure, some take it more lightly till sight issues actually occur.

We at LensFit believe in caring for your eyes, whether it be accessorizing them with our latest designer glasses or correcting them with prescription glasses.

  1. Healthy Diet:

“What you eat is what you become”

Your eyes need nutrients like Vitamin C and E, even omega 3 fatty acids and zinc all contribute to a healthy eyesight by improving blood circulation.

Green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale; fruits like orange and tuna, salmon, eggs, beans, nuts for non-vegetarians must be included in your diet.

  1. UV Protection:

Ultraviolet (UV) Rays can cause muscular degeneration and cataract. Extended exposure to UV can cause temporary or permanent blindness and other eye concerns.

Make sure to get yourself a good pair of sunglasses. If you are a prescription glass holder, you can get the prescription into your sunglasses.

Get Polarized glasses which provide optimum protection and if you are going for UV protected glasses ensure they provide over 99% blockage to UVA and UVB rays.

Select from a variety of styles, frames and textures at at affordable prices.

  1. Eye Exercises:

We constantly strain our eyes in from of the computer at work, television at home and mobiles on the go. This weakens the optic nerve of the eye causing pressure on the eyeball.

You can take time out and do simple eye exercises like the primary movements of up-down, left-right and eyeball rotation.

Eye exercises help strengthen the eye muscles, increase circulation thus reducing strain and fatigue of eyes.

  1. Prescription Glasses:

Prescription Glasses need to worn regularly to avoid further damage to eyes, by an increase in prescription. A lot of people believe that not wearing them, gives a good exercise to eyes thus taking off the prescription. However, that is not the case.

The shape of the cornea is either flattened or become long causing light to not fall directly on the optic nerve hence fragmenting the sharpness of the processed visual.

Eyeglasses correct the exact distance of where the light falls, thus correcting vision. Get your prescription checked every year and make sure to remake your regular glasses.

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Work Glasses

Gone are the days when only prescription glasses were worn, now spectacles are sported for style! Which means you can now accessorize your wardrobe in a healthy way!

Get yourself a swanky pair of designer glasses to wear at work, to help reduce glare caused by excessive use of computers.

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