The Optometrist, The Ophthalmologist and The Optician


I am sure you all have made that dreaded visit to an eye-examiner to check your eyes, hoping that you won’t need vision correction. Whether you hold a prescription or not, making sure you visit the right eye specialist is important to determine your eye needs.

Prescription glasses have evolved into the latest fashion accessory. With the variety of frames, styles and textures available you can now have more than one regular pair to style your wardrobe, especially if you chose to shop for designer glasses online that care for your pockets just as they care for your eyes.

So here’s shedding some light on eye care experts that you ought to know:

A) Optometrist:

He has acquired the Doctor of Optometry degree (OD) which is 4 years college and studied eye-care and vision related concerns as a major. He examines eyes and diagnoses concerns. If the diagnosis is under his realm of study, like common eye problems, for instance dry eye- he is qualified to prescribe solutions and care for same.

He also detects vision concerns like short-sightedness, long-sightedness and reading vision concern.

An Optometrist provides prescription for your glasses and contacts on conducting an eye exam. If on diagnosis, he finds the eye problem serious like cataract or glaucoma he will recommend a specialist in eye-care.

B) Ophthalmologist:

He has completed 4 years of college and acquired the Doctor of Optometry degree, he has continued to intern while studying specialization in vision and eye care for another three years, thus attaining an MD in Optometry. This makes him an eye-specialist.

He diagnoses, manages and treats eye problems from common to chronic like droopy eye, dry eye to cataract, glaucoma etc. He also conducts surgery and corrective operations for treating eye diseases.

He also provides prescriptions for eye care on taking the eye exams if required.

C) Optician:

He is a specialized practitioner who designs, fits and recommends lenses for vision correction based on the prescription given by the Optometrist and the Ophthalmologist.

He also speaks to patients regarding eye concerns and helps them identify eye defects that require correction or specialist attention. He is the one who knows precisely how the patient can experience optimum vision through right fitting and design. Once identified, he sends the requisition to an ophthalmic lab to craft the selected lenses into the frames chosen.

Since he works directly with the customer, he educates the patient on styling needs with the type of frames, lenses and coatings that are available to make personalised eye-wear that suit their preferences medically and aesthetically.

He organises, manages and administers the retail of eyeglasses, prescription lenses and eye-care products to keep your prescription sunglasses and glasses in great shape.

So next time you are planning to get your eyes checked and wondering which specialist you must make a visit. Keep this go to guide handy and make the right appointment!