The Optical Lab



At Twin Eyewear, our optical laboratory cares about your eyesight. This means providing exceptional quality control. Your glasses, made in our industry-leading cutting edge laboratory. We ensure that the lenses that we fit into your frames are the best possible quality available. The lenses are all carefully fitted and inspected by hand multiple times throughout the fitting by our team of Optical experts. We offer a comprehensive range of prescription lens choices for our customers from the high end brands to quality house brands for our more price sensitive customers.

By owning our optical lab and using our in-house optical professionals, we take responsibility for each and every pair of our lenses and frames. Our vertically integrated optical business allows us to offer the highest quality products at the lowest possible price. We translate every efficiency into direct value to our customers. 


After your order is received, your lenses and frames are picked from our warehouse (or ordered in especially) and sent to our cutting edge laboratory where your order is handled by our expert lab technicians. With a little magic and possibly some fairy dust, your new glasses are born.

The process goes a little something like this...

Frames traced and lenses cut

We prepare your frames and lenses, these are then fed through our high-tech machinery where the lenses are cut ready for assembly.

Lenses fitted to frame

Your lenses and cleaned up then carefully fitted to your shiny new frames.

14 point quality check

Before your glasses are prepared for dispatch, we give them a 14 point check to ensure they're perfect.

Packaged & ready to go!

Your glasses then move to our dispatch department where they're packaged and prepared for dispatch.