Maintaining the right contacts

Spectacles have been a part of my persona for so long that even I forgot how I looked before wearing them. I have been fascinated by the contact lenses but after seeing so many products in the market, I am in dilemma which contact lenses to buy for myself. After doing research, I came across some interesting facts regarding various types of contacts.

Now about contact lenses: Contacts are thin disks of plastic or silicone that floats on the eyes. Contacts are used to correct the vision of eye and are better than spectacles as they do not fog up, get scratched or break. So they are much better than spectacles and can really change an individual’s personality.

Characteristics Yearly Contact Lenses Monthly Contact Lenses Daily-disposable Contact Lenses
Materials Crafted from Rigid Gas Permeable materials. Made with soft silicone hydrogel or gas permeable plastic materials. Made from soft silicone hydrogel materials.
Comfort Requires 7-14 days to get used to Short adaption period or 3-4 days Very short adaption period
Clarity Clear and crisp vision Somewhat poorer than RGP lenses, but still clear vision Vision is satisfactory but not crisp and clear like yearly lenses
Shape Retains its shape while blinking and fits perfectly on eyes Alters shape of lenses while blinking Alters shape of lenses while blinking
Risks No  medical risks with yearly contact lenses Eye-dryness is the most common problem with monthly contact lenses Eye-dryness and build-up of corneal risk
Cleaning Regular cleaning required just with lens solution More demanding cleaning is required with peroxide and strong antimicrobial solutions to clear out the deposits Should be regularly cleaned with peroxide and strong antimicrobial solutions
Price Easily fits in budget Little expensive Quite expensive
Durability Long-life; should be replaced every 1–2.5 years Short life; should be replaced every month Very short life; these lenses to be replaced daily


I am in such a big dilemma regarding which contact lenses to opt for. I am leaning towards yearly contact lenses but daily care and follow-up doctor visit are things that can easily become a burden. Monthly and daily disposable contact lenses are great with their less lens-cleaning requirement but clarity of vision in comparison with yearly lenses is one big disadvantage that I cannot ignore. Tell me about your contact preference in the comment section. 🙂 I will be glad to hear them.