Know About Transition Photochromic Lenses!


Sunglasses are the inseparable companions in your wardrobe. We cannot step out in the sun without donning a pair. With changing weather, the sun exposure is variable.

Carrying two pair of sunglasses or glasses is always a hassle and don’t we want to avoid that? Hence, were invented the photochromic lenses that give you the best of both worlds in one frame.

Photochromic Lenses?

Photochromic lenses are light sensitive and darken on exposure to UV light. In Fact they are clear glasses that can change colour on the basis of light intensity.

They respond to changes in the environment you are in- like indoors or outdoors.

How they Work?

They have special patented photochromic dyes that when exposed to light change their composition and darken. They provide adequate tint at variant light exposure as they adjust to the external light exposure setting.


Sunlight = Tints Darken

Indoors = Lighten back to Clear

Photochromic Lenses can be fitted in any shape or style of prescription sunglasses frames!

Lensfit offers over thousand frame styles that you can choose from and each prescription glasses come with 1.56 index lenses and an anti-glare coating. You can also customize the lenses to your personal preference like say you like a frame featured in the spectacles online catalogue, you can select transition lenses and Voila! You have got prescription sunglasses now!

Photochromic lenses can be fitted in all of your prescription and lenses needs. If you wear reading glasses then get them in your multifocals! You wear driving glasses and have no prescription, you can get them in those too!

You can choose from various colour and gradient options when customizing your prescription lenses at Lensfit. Since, transition lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection there is no restriction to getting your favourite colour! Fashion at your fingertips!

Be it at work, out for a walk or a sudden cruise, you will always have these easy to carry and chic transition prescription sunglasses with you, so there is no more compromising on style!

So for all you fashion forward folks, getting such a marvellous invention in cheap rip offs will do your style and money no good since you will be using them as spectacles and sunnies both. You need genuine and quality designer frames that can withstand any wear and tear, while making you look effortlessly cool!

But why must you give up a month’s paycheck to get swanky designers right?

Well, at Lensfit durability and fashion is a priority and they host designer labels of prescription sunglasses and glasses online that are affordable yet elegant in every aspect. You can only find out how hooked you can get to this user-friendly site by hopping on at and ordering your customized pair of trendy sunnies today!