Taking Care Of Your Transition Glasses!


Transition lenses are ideal for those who are sensitive or who want the luxury of having prescription sunglasses without having to buy an extra pair of glasses. These type of lenses appear normal indoors where there is a reasonable amount of light, but as you move outdoor or into brighter light, these lenses turn dark. In outdoors it appears as if you are wearing sunglasses.

Transition glasses are made of both glass and plastic, but the necessary care for both is the same. Since transition lenses are much more expensive than regular lenses, you will want to take good care of them. Remember, if you take appropriate care of your prescription glasses you will be able to use it longer, and it will always appear clean and new.

Here are some of important things you must always keep in mind while cleaning your transition glasses

  • Make it a habit of cleaning your glasses regularly (at least once a week) to prevent them from dust and oil build-ups.
  • Always wet your glasses with water before cleaning. This will prevent scratches from dry particles scraping across the lenses. We do not recommend cleaning your specs when they are dry.
  • Use a drop of mild or non-moisturizer soap (hand-wash liquid soap should also be fine) in 2 cups of warm water. Carefully place your spectacles in the soapy water and gently move the lens back and forth in the water.
  • Now, rinse your glasses with a soft damp cloth with water from the faucet.
  • Gently pat the transition lenses to dry – do not rub or polish them.

Note – Blow the dust off your lens, instead of wiping it with a damp cloth or any other dry cloth or you risk scratching them.

Other small and simple habits that will help you keep you transition glasses away from risk are:

Store your glasses in a case made for your glasses, whenever you are not wearing them. This will prevent them from any damage.

Avoiding making use of abrasive cloths, paper towels, and other household cleaning chemicals on your eyewear.